'Managing the Environment is Our Business'


Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is a leading environmental management and services company serving the government, industrial and commercial markets of Kuwait and the Gulf state countries.

By combining our extensive local environmental knowledge with the technical capabilities of our international partners, we provide tailored programs and solutions to meet our customer requirements.

IES has an excellent reputation built on technical excellence, timely service, and superior quality. Our range of services is designed to meet the complex challenges of modern environmental management in the Gulf region.


thumb IES is leading the way in establishing low-carbon, low-cost, highly durable transportation systems using in situ aggregates and advanced Envirotac II co-polymer soil stabilizer. >>
thumb IES is honored to work with the United States Environmental Protection Agency under ICF International to support the Global Methane Initiative (GMI). >>
thumb Agents that have relatively short lifetime in the atmosphere - a few days to a few decades - and a warming influence on climate. >>
thumb Kuwait updates air regulations. Kuwait recently revised Article 76 (Ambient Air) and Article 79 (Point Source Emissions) the week of 2 April 2012. See the new text and requirements here. En>>   Ar>>
thumb Air dispersion models are used to evaluate the transport and distribution of air pollutants from their emission source to a downstream receptor. >>


thumb IES, along with our partners Exponent, Inc, were recently upgraded to Class A certification by Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) in three fields: Environmental Consultancy Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Assessment of Current Situation Studies. >>
thumb Environmental Impact and Modeling. We use the latest US EPA approved modeling techniques for air emissions, water and marine spill analyses, hydrological and geophysical subsurface visualizations, and waste plume migrations. >>
thumb HSE Audit and Assessment Programs. In addition to developing and understanding the policies and regulations of environmental compliance, we can conduct audits and assessments of existing programs... >>
thumb Risk Assessment and Operational Risk Management. With are partners, Exponent Inc., IES is able to handle the most complex and sensitive HSE risk management projects. >>